TAURUS/VENUS – Forecast 2016

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by Sandy Johnson

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and it is all about reward. Unlike the Aries individual who loves the game, Taurus loves the rewards of the game.  And that is a very interesting concept.  The Taurus person loves hard work, and doing that work to achieve their goals. They love the idea of achieving all that comes with the hard work they put in. Whatever the project may be, family, career, school anyone of these.  The satisfaction that they feel from all of their hard work transfers into the physical pleasures and the material goods that they receive from this. The new house, the nicest car, the best schools for their children, gourmet food, fine wines and the list goes on. Only the best for the Taurus individual and their families, they are very into the idea and concept of the family unit and will…

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