* TAURUS New Moon (May 6): New Ground, New Seed, New Embodiment

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CamusWildly Calming Camus  Photo by Melanie, May 1


The energetic Wesak Moon(Apr 21 / 22) sure brought up our inner dark corners, stuck places and attachments….

Well, likely based on values that we feel identified with and in defense of (very TAUREAN). However, as the ‘Buddha Moon’ has once again showed us, when we resist and separate ourselves from others with a ‘charge’ then suffering arises. How can we relax, knowing that deep down (the SCORPIO side) we are secure (TAURUS)?

Values and finding / holding one’s ground are an important themes for TAURUS. The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon (below) will show us more about it.

Yet, it all starts with fully inhabiting our BODY.


Here is a powerful version of the ancient song (yes, TAURUS also rules the Throat and Sound) “Earth My Body”https://vimeo.com/99806261 sung by Nicole Sangsuree, and filmed in Thailand…

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