Taurus New Moon forecast for each sign

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May 6 New Moon at 16 degrees Taurus is a time to solidify. This month can mean a new start with finances and finding out what you value. If your Ascendant, Sun, Moon, or Taurus stellium are near 16 degrees of Taurus, or in the other fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius, this will affect you more than most. What way, depends on the planet or point it touches. If you want to find in detail what this means to you, you can order an individual reading for your date, exact time, and place and birth from me at by emailing me at anyasastrology@yahoo.com, or leave a message here.

ARIES – You can show your leadership in the area of finances now. That new venture you’ve been thinking of, go for it after checking it’s solid. With the Moon and Sun together in the patient, enduring sign of Taurus it’s easier for…

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