Mercury’s transit

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mercury transits sun

Mercury will transit the Sun on 9th May. The black silhouette of the planet will take about 7,5 hours to make its trek across the solar disk. According to the ancient astrology, during  this period, Mercury is in ’Cazimi’ – i.e. ’in the Heart of the Sun’ – and considered strengthened by this union. (In case of a ’Combust Mercury’, it should be in the same sign as the Sun and within 8° 30′ – beyond this distance, but within 17 ° of the Sun, the planet is said to be ’Under-The-Sun’s-Beams’; this condition is debilitating, but not as severe as ’Combustion’. Of course, you will need a good telescope equipped with a proper solar filter to see this phenomenon, because Mercury is very small compared to the Sun — only 1/160 the diameter of the star. (Warning: NEVER look directly at the Sun without proper protection. Serious and…

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