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On New Moons release the past, any habits, conditioning, thoughts, beliefs that aren’t authentic or no longer serve you.

Write them down, then burn them as you visualise and feel yourself let go with love and gratitude for how they have served you up until now.
New Moons are about Manifesting, so next plant the seeds of intention you want to sew, then water them with action. Write down up to 10 intentions or affirmations to bring into your life over the next six months, by the Full Moon in Taurus.

Focus on areas and approaches that TAURUS rules, such as:

  • Values…what are you highest values?
  • Resources/resourcefulness
  • Cash! …items of value
  • Things that endure/built to last
  • Things that embody quality
  • Senses..
  • Beautiful & useful
  • Craft
  • Bricks and Mortar
  • Nature
  • Security


  • “I find and utilise resources that benefit me while serving others”
  • “My work is meaningful and in alignment…

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