May 4 – 10, 2016 Lunar Hair Chart New Moon Week with Taurus

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Riding Moon Cycles

The New Moon focus for lunar hair care is to see the fastest growth after a haircut or trim. The day of the New Moon through the following week are the best days of the moon phase.

Add a compatible astrological sign for optimum results. A sign with the class of fertile or semi-fertile that is cold wins out for this category. The elements are either Earth or Water.

The May 6 New Moon in Taurus has all of the qualities for this category: Earth, cold and semi-fertile.


May 4

FINISH before 11a

Moon: Aries, trine Saturn

Wane, Last Quarter week

Condition hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth–BEST

CAUTION after 11a

Moon: Aries, square Pluto, conjunct Uranus

Condition hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth

Note: caution for mixed emotions.

Moodiness, Mercury Retrograde.

May 5

AVOID before 11a; Moon: V/C

START after 11a

Moon: Taurus, conjunct Venus

Color hair

Cut hair, trim ends–slower…

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