Mercury Retrograde and Mandela lives on

April 26, 2016 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Mercury Retrograde and Mandela lives on


As Mercury comes to a retrograde station again this week on 28 April, the Winged Messenger slows to his point of stagnation at an interesting time in history.

Mercury retrograde in TaurusMercury stations now in Taurus, where he will enjoy his retrograde pastimes for the next 3 weeks until May 22. And curiously South Africa, as a nation celebrates its Independence day or birthday the day before the station, on April 27, making it originally a Taurus country by birth. And that seems to align with the mood and spirit of the country as an agricultural and mining hub of Africa, with the most leisurely bureaucratic pace one could imagine, like a heavy cow, strolling to its destination with all the time in the world – “African time”, they call it. Similar to “Indian time”…. “just now coming”, “now now”. So the slowing down of Mercury now could really exacerbate the sluggish pace…

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