Mars Retrograde – Time To Contemplate Your Actions

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Mars Retrograde

As he does once every two years, on April 17, 2016 transiting Mars turned retrograde. He will turn direct again on June 30, 2016, just as our attention begins to focus on the season of Summer in the northern hemisphere.

Mars will turn retrograde at 9 Sagittarius and move backward through the zodiac until he reaches 23 Scorpio. From there, he will turn direct and again move forward through the zodiac for about two years until his next retrograde cycle.

Mars rules the first house of the zodiac and his energy is action oriented: the actions we take in life to fulfill our most basic needs and desires. Mars is a very ME oriented energy. Mars does not contemplate his actions prior to taking action. He simply acts out and, when his actions do not lead to his desires being fulfilled, he gets angry.  Well, that’s a summary…

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