2016-04 W18: Forecasts for Week 18 of 2016

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2016-04 W18: Forecasts for Week 18 of 2016

We are deep in the shadow of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde station on April 28th, and “things” are likely to become interesting for that reason alone.  (Clarissa has written a great piece on the Mercury Retrograde.  And you can find more about these periods for the rest of the year here.)  The Full Moon perfected early April 22nd, and we still feel the effects from this one.

The time is at hand to review old and forgotten projects, and to meticulously check every detail of ongoing projects.  Resurrection of old projects CAN go very well at this time, but new ones seem to falter.  Expect to do maintenance to vehicles (cars, planes, boats) and electronics (television, computer, and telephones).

If you are a student, we continue to recommend that you focus yourself entirely on your projects and preparing for upcoming final exams.

April 2016 (Mars Out)

Archive of Week 17 (W17)

Week 18 (w18)

Sunday April 24th

Moon enters Sagittarius circa 8:46 AM CDT and lunar aspects are quiet except a Sun / Moon quincunx a few minutes past 7 PM CDT.  Pallas makes TWO quadrinovile aspects today, so you can learn important lessons or gain valuable insights IF you are paying attention.  Quadrinoviles always work the same: you gain a fleeting but powerful image that is easily mistaken as a passing fancy but, in reality, is an important insight or skill that will prove its worth in your future.  Pay attention today; two or more of these will present themselves to those with sufficient awareness.

Monday April 25th

Today is dominated by a mutable T-Square, and we have encountered variants of this over the course of this Spring.  Moon in Sadge squares joins Mars [update: even astrologers are not immune to those nasty errors that the shadow of Mercury Retrograde brings] early (early enough to possibly affect late Sunday evening (and it DOES affect Mountain/Pacific time areas on Sunday)); squares Jupiter (Virgo) and Neptune (Pisces) in the morning hours (U.S.; UK/EU gets this in the afternooon); and finally Moon joins Saturn in Sadge.  Mutable signs achieve an effect by letting go of something.  This is a bit like having your assistant type a letter and (after your review) mailing it.  The letter cannot have effect until it is sent.

Since Mars and Pluto are retrograde (and Mercury in “shadow”), this might have to do with the launch, re-launch, or continuation of a project.  You will need to “send the letter” today to make things work.  “Holding on” will invariably be the wrong answer.

Tuesday April 26th

Today is a mix of a lunar trines, square, and quincunx before Noon (CDT) followed by Moon v/c shortly before Noon (CDT) until Moon enters Capricorn about 7:30 PM CDT.  Jim Shawvan characterizes this as an “Opportunity Period,” and we agree with his assessment that sticking with “existing projects” is best because of the ongoing retrograde season.

A fair number of you are “feeling” the retrograde station that happens Thursday, so if you cannot accomplish what you desire then try not to mistreat yourself.  Sometimes circumstances do not permit accomplishment.

Wednesday April 27th

Moon in Capricorn forms a very loose Grand Earth Trine with Sun (Taurus) and Jupiter (Virgo).  This is a very good day for accomplishing results, particularly anything involving money or financial results.  For sculptors, this is one of the best, if not the best, day of the year.  Earth and Water are favored (heavily), but everyone can benefit.  This is another one of those rare days where we say “use it wisely, they do not happen much.”

HOWEVER, Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow, so some of you may encounter so many glitches that you cannot get anything done.  Only you, individually, know which one really applies today.  Find what projects you CAN make forward progress on (particularly old projects that need to be re-launched) and avoid wasting your time and energy on something too “stuck” to do anything about.

Thursday April 28th

Today is the day of the Mercury Retrograde station, and that eclipses most other aspects.  This would be a good day to “take off” and assess your situation and your goals.  Write notes, draw pictures, and develop an idea of what directions you wish to go.  And know that, for the next few weeks, you may intensively re-write your plans as new discoveries (or often old forgotten ones) come to light.  Moon joins Pluto / squares Uranus adding elements of intensity and surprise to what may already be a tricky day.

Friday April 29th

Surprises that did not show up Wednesday or Thursday will likely visit you today.  Early morning hours see a lunar void as Moon moves into Aquarius but, more importantly, Venus is void until about 7:36 PM CDT when it then moves into Taurus and stays in the “too early to tell” period (aka “sign change boundary”) for a few days (until Monday).  Moon enters fourth quarter, and this is a good time to clean house and keep an eye out for lost objects “popping up.”  (One of the beneficial uses of Mercury Retrograde, or the first few days past the direct station, is the discovery of previously “lost” items.)

Saturday April 30th

The month of April ends today, and we will be facing the second “cross quarter day” of the day, typically celebrated as “May Day” (English speaking cultures) or “Cinco de Mayo” (Spanish speaking cultures).  The astrological origins are typically hidden as stories of other events are used for the explanation of the holiday, but the astrological celebrations long pre-date the newer variants.

Passover ends today, and today is both Beltane and Orthodox Easter.  The Moon in Aquarius is mostly benevolent except for an early morning quincunx and a late night square leading to a void.  Today can be a “fun day” (but glitches can occur due to the retrogrades), and if you are doing more serious work today stick to routine and focus on house cleaning.  We recommend you pick a suitable holiday to celebrate and have fun as much as possible, but the choice is still yours.




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