2016-04 W17: Forecasts for Week 17 of 2016

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2016-04 W17: Forecasts for Week 17 of 2016

We are deep in the shadow of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde station on April 28th, and “things” are likely to become interesting for that reason alone.  (Clarissa has written a great piece on the Mercury Retrograde.  And you can find more about these periods for the rest of the year here.)  The Full Moon perfected early April 22nd, and we still feel the effects from this one.

The time is at hand to review old and forgotten projects, and to meticulously check every detail of ongoing projects.  Resurrection of old projects CAN go very well at this time, but new ones seem to falter.  Expect to do maintenance to vehicles (cars, planes, boats) and electronics (television, computer, and telephones).

If you are a student, we continue to recommend that you focus yourself entirely on your projects and preparing for upcoming final exams.

April 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 17 (W17)

Archive of Week 16 (W16)

Sunday April 17th

Mars stations retrograde today, and that trumps everything.  Mercury trine Pluto in early morning hours (overnight) takes SOME of the sting out of the mess, but chances are good that “it” is a mess.

Use today for downtime and reflection if you can.  This is a good day to take a long hard look at what you have been able to accomplish and what you have not.  Maybe the time has come to either delegate or drop stuck or failed projects that sucked the lifeblood out of you.  Write them off and stop sending time, money, and people after what cannot be accomplished.

Monday April 18th

Pluto turns retrograde and worsens the situation.  Again, time to drop failed projects so you can focus on what can be accomplished.  Venus trine Saturn brings the focus to accomplish something useful if you do not waste time or other resources on failed projects.

Tuesday April 19th

Sun enters Taurus today, and that can serve us well or harm us greatly.  From now past at least May 9th we need to review and adjust rather than push forward.

From now until (at least) after Jupiter stations direct on May 9th, you will need to review and adjust plans.  With some plans you may need to wait to move forward until after the Mercury Direct Station on May 22nd or the following New Moon on June 4th.  Still other plans will be on hold until after Mars Direct Station on June 29th or after the following New Moon on July 4th.  Only you, personally, will know which windows applies best to which project.  If you are not certain, you can test possibly forward most after these key dates.

Taurus can give any of us (but particularly the Earth signs) a powerful level of “strength” to accomplish “things,” but that strength can make a terrible mess of “things” also.  (The “poster child” for this in astrology was Adolf Hitler.  Don’t be a “Hitler.”  If you are making a MESS of “things” then STOP.)

Regarding today, besides the Sun entering Taurus, Venus squares Pluto which can be very good (or very bad) for sex and romance.  It typically does NOT bode well for financial markets, but wherever you have losers you have winners and vice versa.  Regarding the markets, the next thirty days “may not be entirely stable.” (As 3CPO said about that asteroid in Star Wars with Han Solo saying “Chewie, take the professor in the back.”)

Wednesday April 20th

This is a day where lunar aspects dominate.  You can “get things done” (in a minor way) if you pay attention to earlier warnings.  Get done what must be done and pay careful attention to details.  This is likely the best day this week, but some tasks or projects will have to be re-done.

Thursday April 21st

Moon is void most of the day (in Libra) and changes sign shortly before a full moon (Moon in Scorpio / Sun in Taurus).  “Getting things done” today is a bit difficult.  Use it for cleaning out and planning.  If your faith observes lunations, this is a particularly good one for ceremonies.

A Full Moon (Scorpio / Taurus) perfects in the early morning hours (CDT / MDT / PDT) and on Thursday in areas east of those time zones.  All of these time zones, most time zones, will feel this FM more on Thursday and Friday.

Friday April 22nd

Most people in PDT (West Coast of USA) and points east will awaken to the waning “just past full” moon.  (Pacific Rim citizens may awaken as it perfects or just before.)  It is Scorpio (Moon) / Taurus (Sun) and we all feel those.  All fixed signs will be stirred to action, and Leo / Aquarius will be particularly irritated (or worse) in some way.  Earth (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) and Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) signs will tend to benefit.  Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and Air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini) may experience this FM as weakening their position in some way.  Fire and Air will gain SOME strength from the Venus / Uranus conjunction (in the form of insights) but everyone should expect surprises.

A bit like Wednesday, you might actually accomplish something today despite difficult astrological circumstances.  Again: Venus joins Uranus (both in Aries), so expect surprises and use the insights gained to accomplish something if that is possible (and to learn the lesson if not possible).

Saturday April 23rd

Use this as a playday.  A pair of lunar quincunxes bring problems to the early morning hours but you can move past them if you choose to do so.  Moon becomes void before 5 PM CDT, so use the evening as downtime especially “quiet time.”  Tonight is a good night to read the Torah (if you do that).  Passover begins.


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