Today’s Encouraging Words

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Full Moon in Scorpio/Pink Moon

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Secrets & Passions

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Scorpio Full Moon this weekend is complicated by several planet retrogrades, some already here, others moving into retrograde within the week. What this means to me, to everyone really, is that it is time to take the passionate engagement, even the fiery argument, inside. We would all do well to take a look at our unconscious motivations and deeper longings, the ones we keep hidden, even from ourselves.

This plays in several areas of my life right now, and of course, yours too. What did you start at the new moon? What ended, and for good? Well, I had one big ending, as I discussed last post. It was pretty public, well, I made it so, as did the rock band next door. Now, with the retrogrades, it’s time to focus that passion and energy inward. So you caused a ruckus with the new moon ending…it’s time to silently…

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♏ Full Moon in Scorpio ♏

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Dear Sweet Peas,

Have you been feeling those intense energies that are making you sleepy, groggy and extremely overwhelmed?  Well, you are most certainly not alone!  I’ve been feeling these symptoms 4 days ago.  This energy has resulted in insomniac nights and exhausting days — a cause for concern among many people.

I crave deep, passionate love.  The matters of the heart haunts me and it’s slowly eating from inside of me.  I’d thought that I’d let go of past loves, but this full moon affirmed that I hadn’t done so.  It creates this cycle inside my mind, making me feel guilty about the mistakes that I’ve made in the past, and causing me to feel that I’m going to make the same mistakes in my current relationship.

This is SO not true! 

This full moon is desperately asking our souls to be cleansed of all the past, negative patterns that…

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Full Moon Earthquake Alert

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full moon earthquake risk Earthquake zones in yellow

Today’s full moon is nothing unusual, but the hype generated around it has grown due to the past week’s mega earthquake activity experiencedin scattered parts of the globe. To begin with, a full Moon or new Moon is described as a “syzygy” which is actually the alignment of any three celestial objects. Gravitational forces are at their maximum, so today we will feel the pull. Besides that “The same force that raises the ‘tides’ in the ocean also raises tides in the [Earth’s]crust,” according to an astronomer with the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C. Some experts say there is nothing to worry about but others are naturally rattled.

And naturally so. When seven major earthquakes hit the Pacific Ring of Fire in just a few days, everyone is going to sit up and take notice. First a spate of quakes hits Japan’s south…

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Full Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus: Healing waters of Transformation

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Collective Astrology

full moon stillThis Full Moon is calling from deep within, from old dreams to unspoken fears it calls us to feel it all. To feel even when everything around us feels like an attack, to feel even though it doesn’t make sense and to continue to hold space for what calls within.

The signs of Taurus and Scorpio are interesting complementary forces. The sign of Taurus is about making visible and tangible. The sign of Scorpio is about mysteries and regeneration. One is about the process of creating and the other is about the process of transforming.

Tonight I invoke silence. Silence for all who needs it. Silence to hear what is knocking from within. Hear the healing knock of the Scorpio energy calling us to stillness. The energy of Scorpio takes us to the core of our being. It is often a messy descending and doesn’t make much sense from a…

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