Scorpio Full Moon 4-22-16

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The Full Moon at 2 degrees of Scorpio, April 21st/22nd casts a light on our hidden values, drives and motivations as it reflects the Sun in down-to-earth, beauty-loving Taurus. Much that Taurus represents, particularly things relative to security seem to be challenged under the Scorpion’s lunar gaze. With partnership-focused asteroid Juno so close to this Full Moon the levels of security within close relationships feel threatened for many.

web_scorpio Scorpio, Josephine Wall

Scorpio’s original ruling planet Mars went Retrograde on the 17th and is a very strong influence now. Both Saturn and Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius point to a need to reassess our concepts of what is “truth” and how we go about expressing and defending it. Mars back tracks into Scorpio on May 28th and we have a taste now of how it will be demanding that we become emotionally honest with ourselves, in order to align our actions with our…

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