TRANSCENDENCE : Scorpio Full Moon 

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This Full Moon lights up;
-shared resources
-your deepest darkest emotional depths
-hidden demons and
-your power to transform and transcend
Taurus represents the solid resources and values behind them that one has..Scorpio represents ‘I like what you’ve got, and I know just how best to
What have you been wishing for, particularly what seeds of intent have you sewn and watered with action and attention over the last six months since the New Moon in Scorpio? Now we see the harvest. Is the resulting fruit succulent and juicy? Full of flavour and verve? Or is it rather stringy and barren? Is it even the variety or indeed what you thought you’d planted?
The Polarity between the full Moon in Scorpio is balanced by the Sun in Taurus, shared resources and personal resources based on what you value most highly. What are your most precious assets and how can you…

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