Full Moon in Scorpio April 2016

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This full moon sees the Sun at 2 degrees Taurus illuminating the Moon at 2 degrees Scorpio. Scorpio is very intense and secretive and a Full Moon sends us into the emotional self and the subconscious self. We also have four planets in retrograde at the moment, which also promotes us to look within.

With so much introspection, it is important to maintain a healthy opinion of self; otherwise one could get very self-critical and possibly self-loathing during this period. The shadow side of self could seem magnified in the light of this Full Moon. Do not look at recent personal events as validation of the darker self. Beware, the scorpion can sting itself! Keep all things in perspective, and remember that the spiritual path is one where all aspects of the self and integrated and loved.

The full moon is 3:25 pm Melbourne time, 12:25 pm Indochina time, 10:55…

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