Mars Retrograde 2016

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Yep. It is a big deal. Happens every two years, but it is a major “reorganizer.”

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“Mars Retrograde 2016”


The Mars Retrograde Cycle starts April 17th and runs through June 29th. This energy is an opportunity for you to find success and healing in some area of your life. But for some folks this still can be a pretty rocky time. Especially with Saturn and Jupiter already in Retrograde, and Pluto and Mercury also going into Retrograde in late April! This certainly can be a different kind of energy that we’ve really never dealt with before…with so many planets in Retrograde at once! Retrogrades lessons definitely can be a leaning experience for all of us.

I’ve already wrote a blog about Saturn in Retrograde and how it truly impacts all of us, so head over to:
to learn all about how this cycle is affecting you and will through August 13th! And I will be writing a seperate blog for each planet’s Retrograde cycle…

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