New Moon in Aries

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Gustave Moreau, The Apparition, c. 1876-77 “The Apparition”, Gustav Moreau

“The Sun and Moon are the foundation of life.

Each month they fuse in an alchemical marriage of yin and yang, substance and consciousness. Like a light through a movie projector, the new moon energies unfold through the lens of the zodiac sign. The planets present at the new moon form the structure and weave the threads in support.

From Empowering Astrology

Yesterday’s Aries New Moon and its close connections to Uranus and Pluto mean that the tapestry unfolding before us is a bit raw, teeming with electricity. It’s provocative and designed to spur us to action as well as make a dramatic change. (Read more here:

You are part of the tapestry of light and, depending on your own natal chart, you’ll discover the role that the Aries New Moon will play in your life.

Let’s break the new moon down sign…

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