2016-04 W16: Forecasts for Week 16 of 2016

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2016-04 W16: Forecasts for Week 16 of 2016

Spring is here.  We hope you get out in the sunshine and enjoy it when possible.  We are a month or less away from the Mercury Retrograde station on April 28th, and this is a relatively quiet time astrologically.  Overall, you can “get things done” and should use this window to do just that.  But life is short, so just remember to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

Weeks 15 and 16 are relatively quiet with primarily Mercury aspects bringing us our information and our need to change.  However, Mars is “slowing down” now and will station retrograde on April 17th followed by Pluto station retrograde on April 18th.  Mercury soon follows with station retrograde on April 28th.  “Things” grind to a halt during this window, and we have to review and reconsider our plans and efforts with little forward progress until after Jupiter stations direct on May 9th.

April 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 16 (W16)

Archive of Week 15

Sunday April 10th

As we mentioned yesterday, you are likely starting to “feel” (experience) the retrograde stations of Mars (April 17th) and Mercury (April 28th).  Little (and sometimes large) setbacks are making progress more difficult.

With Mercury perfecting a quincunx to Mars today, you feel this strongly.  For a number of people, today is unpleasant and may even turn dangerous.  Be careful.

Mercury will quincunx Saturn on Friday (similar to today), and Venus will quincunx Jupiter next Saturday followed by the Mars retrograde station on Sunday.  In simple terms: “Next Weekend Sucks.”  Fear not, the middle of the week has a few good aspects for you.

Monday April 11th

Lunar aspects predominate today with the Moon void near 2 PM CDT.  This is a much better day that yesterday though some of you may still feel the aftershocks.  Accomplish what you can in the morning and spend the afternoon and evening clearing out what did not work and resting.  This will be a busy week.

Tuesday April 12th

Mercury aspects Uranus in the early hours favoring writers and other communicators but bringing surprises to many of the rest of us.  Typically these should be benevolent surprises for most.  Venus trines Mars brings the ability to “get things done,” and this may be the best day this week for accomplishment.  Use it wisely.

Wednesday April 13th

Lunar aspects dominate again today.  The occasional problem surfaces, but you can push past it and you should do just that.  Tuesday’s grace continues today, and you will need it to achieve what must be done before the coming storm.

Thursday April 14th

The window closes after today.  You may feel so good by today that you come to believe that nothing can go wrong.  That is a foolish attitude to adopt; do not be lured into it.  Mercury trine Jupiter will help you accomplish today what you could not finish on Tuesday or Wednesday but, again, the window is closed after today.  Use today wisely.

Friday April 15th

Federal Income Taxes are due today for “natural persons” (not corporations or similar entities), Mercury perfects a quincunx to Saturn, and “things” begin to fall apart.  Do not be surprised at any lack of progress today but do congratulate yourself if you do accomplish something useful.  Please do realize that you may need to revisit your “accomplishment” later for some “tuning” or adjustment.

Once your taxes are done, take off today as much as possible.  If you have worked hard this week and done what needed to be done, then you will need the “down time.”

Saturday April 16th

Venus perfects quincunx to Jupiter, and today does not seem like much fun to many people.  Well planned family outings go awry, the plumbing springs a leak during your nap, and “things” simply do not go as planned.  Chances are good you will have unanticipated expenses.  If you did not feel tomorrow’s upcoming Mars retrograde station yet, then you will likely “feel” it today.


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