An Omen of times to Come – April 2016 Astrology

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The Shift Has Hit The Fan

Sorry Shifters, for putting this up a bit late but a lot has been going on the personal front on in my life in recent weeks. Mostly it’s been around my elderly dad, he was hospitalized recently and it looks like we’re going to have to put him into a home soon. It hasn’t been easy dealing with this stuff and honestly, even though I do want to write, after a day of dealing with bureaucracies and such, it leaves very little inclination to actually sit down and write. Getting old sucks. Like seriously.

Still I keep an eye on what’s been happening. Carl Boudreau said that April’s energies are very mixed.

“Fortunately, April’s charts contain a structure that will help bring order and direction to our lives – a Kite. This Kite will all but neutralize the forces of chaos and confusion, channeling them in positive, constructive channels.
However, it will…

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