2016-04 W15: Forecasts for Week 15 of 2016

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2016-04 W15: Forecasts for Week 15 of 2016

Spring is here.  We hope you get out in the sunshine and enjoy it when possible.  We are a month or less away from the Mercury Retrograde station on April 28th, and this is a relatively quiet time astrologically.  Overall, you can “get things done” and should use this window to do just that.  But life is short, so just remember to stop and smell the flowers along the way.

Weeks 15 and 16 are relatively quiet with primarily Mercury aspects bringing us our information and our need to change.  However, Mars is “slowing down” now and will station retrograde on April 17th followed by Pluto station retrograde on April 18th.  Mercury soon follows with station retrograde on April 28th.  “Things” grind to a halt during this window, and we have to review and reconsider our plans and efforts with little forward progress until after Jupiter stations direct on May 9th.

April 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 15 (W15)

Archive of Week 14

Sunday April 3rd

The advantages of Friday and Saturday continue today until the Moon moves void (v/c) at 6:16 PM CDT.  Get done what you can today, and then rest this evening.

Monday April 4th

Moon moves into Pisces shortly before 1 AM CDT and remains there until 5:33 AM CDT Tuesday morning when it goes void again (in Pisces).  You may encounter glitches today, especially regarding the legal system (especially courts), universities (or other higher education), or long distance travel today.  (If none of these apply, then health could be an issue.)  This is true because the Sun (Aries) makes its annual quincunx to Jupiter (Virgo) today.  A very loose mutable T-Square is in play adding to the anxiety and aggravation as we try to make final plans in one of these areas and “things” do not work out as we wish.

If any of this planning involves activities beginning near April 17th through April 28th (and into the Mercury / Mars retrogrades), then iron out the bugs today.  More will likely crop up, but this is a very good time to eliminate as many as you can (especially if this is a vacation).

Tuesday April 5th

This is very much a “two steps forward, one step backwards” kind of day BUT, oddly, you can actually accomplish a FEW things if you persist.  Moon is void before 6 AM CDT but enters what Jim Shawvan (and Lee Lehman) calls an “opportunity period.”  Sun makes its annual trine to Saturn giving us the grit to “get things done.”  Venus enters Aries at almost exactly “high noon” but is void prior to that causing us to stumble some time before that, but we should get right back up and continue.  We WILL stumble again because Mercury is ALSO void until about 6 PM.

HOWEVER, do not start anything “new.”  Hold off on big purchases.

More than one re-do will be required because three planets are void (v/c) today and change signs (aka “sign change boundary”), but if we cannot accommplish something today then we can at least set the stage to get it done some time in the next few.  Illegitimi non carborundum.

Wednesday April 6th

Sun squares Pluto and you will either collapse from the energy expended yesterday or you will become even more determined to fight the fight and get things done.  At least to some degree, the choice is up to you.  Moon is very old, and will favor you if you choose to clear out the grime that has been holding you back.

Again: (1) do not start anything new but (2) you can get a “deal” today since buyers are favored over purchasers.  Just make certain it is something you need and will actually use lest it remain unopened in some corner waiting to be disposed of later, maybe when Mercury is retrograde.

Thursday April 7th

The New Moon occurs early today at 6:24 AM CDT and goes void at 9:56 AM CDT bringing a surprise or insight (or both) with it (Moon conjunct Uranus, both in Aries).  If you have “gotten things done” the past few days, especially with housecleaning and similar prepatory chores, then you might want to ease off today or even take the entire day off.

Friday April 8th

Moon enters Taurus in early morning hours (1:10 AM CDT) and this is a dynamite day to “get things done.”  We hope you rested yesterday, because you will need all the energy you can muster to accomplish “things” today.  Jim Shawvan recommends waiting until after Noon EDT (11 AM CDT / 9 AM PDT) to push forward, but we bet you can at least prepare prior to that.  Use today wisely; not many of these come along.

Saturday April 9th

Today is much like yesterday, except that Sun (Aries) makes its annual conjunction to Uranus bringing an unexpected surprise (or accident depending upon your personal karma).  Moon is void (v/c) in Taurus most of the day, so do expect some weirdness.  Nevertheless, you should still be able to accomplish a few things, especially if they deal with finances, certain kinds of art (especially sculpture), or certain aspects of health (especially involving “beauty”).

By today (Saturday) you will be encountering the occasional “glitch” or “gotcha” that precedes the upcoming Mars / Mercury retrograde stations (April 17th / April 28th respectively).


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