2016-03-25 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016-03-25 Calendar of Aspects

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 13 (W13)

At 1:10 PM CDT the Moon moves into Scorpio, but you still may want to wait a few hours to put into action your plans from yesterday evening since the Moon is in the “too early to tell” period (also known as a “sign change boundary”).  You MIGHT can make “it” work (whatever “it” is), but the venture will be risky and require significant concentration to make “it” work.

2016-03-25 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

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Venus (Pisces) opposes Jupiter (Virgo) and squares Saturn (Sagittarius) today, forming a mutable T-Square.  The T-Square will give you great energy, but mutable T’s are about finishing the tasks at hand (bring them to completion), cleaning up, and laying the groundwork to launch the next major endeavor.

Saturn stations retrograde today, and you may feel this (particularly if you work in the financial services industry or…

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The Peace of Power

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Blue Orb Cafe with Lea Kennedy

376926_414236425289955_1414052883_nSo how fun will this be?! Mercury and Mars are getting together in what’s called a “Trine” this evening (sort of like two besties hanging out at the local “Sky Pub” for a brief cheer session) With Mercury telling Mars how powerful he is, and Mars telling Mercury “I like the way you think”! (haha). In all seriousness (sort of) Wherever you’ve been feeling Powerless, where situations or others appear to have power over you, Mercury is here to help you see that it is simply Not SO. Mercury is also known as the Messenger of The Gods and quite often a thought or idea will come to us that frees us from our limiting beliefs, and in this case, puts us back in touch with our true power. Which always lies within. True Power = Peace, not fear. ♥♥♥

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More information for the 25th

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Astrology and how it affects our daily life: Transiting Saturn goes Retrograde March 2016

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Serenity's Gift Cove (sgc)

illustration of a boy on a planet saturn ring Stock Vector - 15249970 http://www.123rf.com: Copyright : iimages

  • Astrological Event: Transiting Saturn turns Retrograde
  • Date: March 25 2016 to August 13 2016
  • Time: 6:01 am (ET) 3:01 am (PT)

What does this mean? 

Saturn is the planet of restriction, rules and regulations. He rules Capricorn. This is the planet that puts up the boundary’s and who directs us to do the “right thing”. He has a bearing on our public image and how we conduct ourselves in our work/career’s and vocation, he is discipline and responsibility.

When a planet goes retrograde, it appears from the earth’s perspective to be going backwards. Before the planet goes retrograde there is also a period of “slow motion” and stationary movement… and again when the planet begins to turn direct as it builds up speed to once again be in alignment with the earth. 

Some folk believe retrograde, slow and stationary movements of the planets can have an impact…

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Horoscscope Daily Overview

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zodiac wheel

Thursday- March 24, 2016

Today,  the confidence of the rightness of your decisions amplifies when Mercury trines into Mars today. Tonight,go ahead and zone out, bide your time, and wait for the right moment while the Moon is void of course. Singles, things start out friendly, then segue into a whole different attitude.

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April Horoscope

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Kaypacha, astrology for the soul 23 march 2016

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