Lifelight Astrology – Welcome to the New Year

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Michelle McClunan


Sun in Aries / Lunar Eclipse in Libra 23rd March

What are your intentions for this astrological year?

Did any of you feel the energy shift a little yesterday, as Mercury and then the Sun moved from Pisces into Aries?  A glimmer of light perhaps … shining through the water? With all the Piscean energy that’s been around of late, there’s been much  wading through deep waters for many, with old wounds, fears, entanglements and ancient issues drifting up to the surface from the musty corners of our individual and collective psyches.  This is true too of our beloved country South Africa, as skeletons have been virtually leaping out of every conceivable political closet… exposing dem bones, for all to see.

For me personally, I’ve been feeling as if I’ve been submerged beneath the water without so much as a headlamp, rather than simply wading through the shallows in my…

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