BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK? : Full Moon in Libra + Lunar Eclipse

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This Full Moon lights up partnerships, particularly career partnering and the public image you cut together as a dynamic duo.
What have you been wishing for, particularly what seeds of intent have you sewn and watered with action and attention over the last six months since the New Moon in Libra? Now we see the harvest. Is the resulting fruit succulent and juicy? Full of flavour and verve? Or is it rather stringy and barren? Is it even the variety or indeed what you thought you’d planted?
The Full Moon brings to light the truth of your efforts so look closely, does it FEEL right? Does it meet your needs and nurture you? Decide weather to formalise your alliance. You have the chance to hit the reset button if any mistaken identities can be built upon, reframed or negotiated, or if it’s time to scrap it and go back to…

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