Lunar Eclipse in Libra: I am You!

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Abigail's Star Magic

Lunar Eclipse in Libra for March 23rd 2016

Honestly I don’t feel like I know what this stuff means most the time. Maybe I’ll capture little glimmers of truth nuggets that resonate to the current astrological atmosphere, but symbols are archetypal which means they possess infinite potential meanings, as long as those meanings resonate with the energy of that symbol. So I’m going to attempt to free my critic for a little while and see what I can access by playing around with the energies activated for this Lunar Eclipse.

The moon is in Libra being eclipsed by Sun in Aries, which means the normal way of viewing others is temporarily eclipsed to show our true face as only one self. Everyone around us as merely mirrors to reflect back who we really are as One-Self. To play out itself through infinite characters in order to know our-self better…

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2016-03-23 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016-03-23 Calendar of Aspects

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 13 (W13)

We have a double header with Jupiter Square Saturn today along with the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon Aries / Libra).  Note that Jupiter / Saturn will perfect again May 26th, and this aspect exerts continuing influence from February 14th of 2016 until October 28th of 2016.  Chances are good this week, maybe today, will mark an important milestone in this window.  The eclipse punctuates that.

2016-03-23 Sunout All Aspects (Daily)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Sun conjoins Mercury circa 3:11 PM CDT, and the window form 2:40 PM until 3:40 PM CDT is particularly useful (Cazimi) for key actions involving communications or transportation.  You can buy that car, computer or phone if you can seal the entire deal during this window.

A Hard Rectangle also forms on the 23rd:

Hard Rectangle Enters   March 23 2016 5:56:47 am (CDT +5:00)
Hard Rectangle Leaves March 23 2016 3:32:35 pm (CDT +5:00)


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Lifelight Astrology – Welcome to the New Year

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Michelle McClunan


Sun in Aries / Lunar Eclipse in Libra 23rd March

What are your intentions for this astrological year?

Did any of you feel the energy shift a little yesterday, as Mercury and then the Sun moved from Pisces into Aries?  A glimmer of light perhaps … shining through the water? With all the Piscean energy that’s been around of late, there’s been much  wading through deep waters for many, with old wounds, fears, entanglements and ancient issues drifting up to the surface from the musty corners of our individual and collective psyches.  This is true too of our beloved country South Africa, as skeletons have been virtually leaping out of every conceivable political closet… exposing dem bones, for all to see.

For me personally, I’ve been feeling as if I’ve been submerged beneath the water without so much as a headlamp, rather than simply wading through the shallows in my…

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FRESH NEW IDEAS : Mercury in Aries 

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22 March-6 April
While Mercury, indicator of all things communication is in fiery, impulsive and combative Aries, it’s a great time to brainstorm. Cast your mind into uncharted territory, you’ll have less fear of breaking out of your box and could come with some fresh new ideas and perspectives.
You may tread on toes or sensitivities so be prepared to apologise later! This is the fearless mind, not the most tactful of placements but it can be incredibly rewarding if you just go with it. Harness the direct flavour and pitch well above your usual batting average.


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♎ FULL MOON 3 degrees

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Look at the 3rd house then multiply by 3 that’s the house of the Spiritual Journey for this Super/Full/Eclipse  Moon.


The Powerful Messages I receive by looking at these houses are Compassions, Social Justice and energy flux to channel the mind and the 💟

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BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK? : Full Moon in Libra + Lunar Eclipse

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This Full Moon lights up partnerships, particularly career partnering and the public image you cut together as a dynamic duo.
What have you been wishing for, particularly what seeds of intent have you sewn and watered with action and attention over the last six months since the New Moon in Libra? Now we see the harvest. Is the resulting fruit succulent and juicy? Full of flavour and verve? Or is it rather stringy and barren? Is it even the variety or indeed what you thought you’d planted?
The Full Moon brings to light the truth of your efforts so look closely, does it FEEL right? Does it meet your needs and nurture you? Decide weather to formalise your alliance. You have the chance to hit the reset button if any mistaken identities can be built upon, reframed or negotiated, or if it’s time to scrap it and go back to…

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Full Moon in Libra March 23, 2016.

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Holistic Transformation

Hello, hope you’ve all had a good spring equinox (or autumn if you’re southern hemisphere folks!).

I took a month off last time, due to personal problems at the time, but am here peering down that rabbit hole of the universe once again.


We’ve had another fascinating month in astrology, with the earliest equinox for 120 years and two eclipses this month. The second, occurring on the 23rd with the Full moon. We had an eclipse in that crazy September full moon (in Aries) so it is on the same axis as the one we are having this week (Libra Sun-Aries Moon in September/Aries Sun-Libra Moon in March).

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A Lunar Eclipse with a Memory

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Sarah Fuhro Star-Flower Alchemy

‘Overcoming Crises with Compassion’

la-me-ln-eclipse-observatory-20150927Do you remember that amazing full lunar eclipse, last September 27th? Were you able to watch it that bright evening?   We are about to have its mirror image, in penumbral form, on Wednesday, March 23rd.   If you live on the East coast of North America, you will see the beginning stages of the eclipse (5:30 am) before she sets as the Sun rises.

Both lunar eclipses are within a degree of each  other, but in opposite signs. We get to taste both ends of the spectrum, which ushers in the equinox season. If you combine the two charts, you get a new Moon experience in both Aries and Libra in the form of a full Moon! !

What do you remember from that period of your life? What needs to be repaired or revisited?

Both the fall and spring equinox partake of the balance between dark and…

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One Big, Eclipsing Day!!

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5D Astrology

Wednesday has 3 aspects that are very significant for the next 6 months and beyond. Of course, we have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, but it is sandwiched between 2 other aspects that will flavor the next 6 months as well.

At 6:15am Jupiter Retrograde at 16:24 Virgo Squares Saturn at 16:24 Sagittarius.

We have been feeling this aspect strongly for the last week. It is CHALLENGING us to expand (Jupiter) by focusing (Saturn) on that ONE THING that we need to… our new philosophy around global ideas (Sagittarius) and service to others (Virgo).

For each of us there is a special story as that is told by the House position of these 2 Planets in our Natal charts. We are being stretched to seek a higher consciousness perspective in these 2 areas of our lives.

At 8:00am the Moon at 3:17 Libra Opposes the Sun at 3:17 Aries creating the…

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