Sun in Aries

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Sun in Aries

The Sun is changing signs from dreamy, sensitive Pisces to faster moving, thicker skinned Aries on March 20th, where it stays through April 19th. This is the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the entergetic turning point from one season to the next. This is the Spring Equinox and it’s energy is extremely potent and makes for a great time to “Set Intentions!”

As the seasons change, a gateway opens where we experience the light and dark, and the connection between spirit and matter. This makes for a great time to think about what energies you want to draw to you, what do you want to manifest in your life next? Of course we all want to be healthy and have lots of money, but this is a time when we should get more detailed when making our “Intentions” List. So sit down…

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