Penumbral Lunar Eclipse March 23,2016!

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Penumbral Lunar Eclipse March 23, 2016 ©

“A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon align in an almost straight line.

When this happens, the Earth blocks some of the Sun’s light from directly reaching the Moon’s surface, and covers a small part of the Moon with the outer part of its shadow, also known as the penumbra.

The rest receives direct sunlight and can be as bright as a full Moon. Because of this, it is often hard to differentiate between a normal full Moon and a penumbral eclipse of the Moon.”

“I find I am constantly being encouraged to pluck out some one aspect of myself and present this as the meaningful whole, eclipsing or denying the other parts of self.”~Audre Lorde

Eclipses fascinate me. They are significant energy release boosters when, with awareness, we allow them to eclipse out that which no longer serves. What’s so very interesting about…

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  1. Now there’s a thing. Many people seem to get excited about eclipses. Here in Singapore, it’s not easy to get a good view of the moon, and stars are simply non-existent. There was close to a total eclipse here a week or so ago and I didn’t notice it until it was reported on the News that evening. I’m afraid most people on the planet live in cities now and heavenly happenings tend to take a back seat. I just feel sad to have lost the stars since I could identify 20 or 30 constellations on a clear night back in the UK.
    Thanks for the reminder of that there is a universe out there… somewhere.


    • An excellent point you have there. I think either Arthur C. Clarke or Isaac Assimov wrote a scifi based on that premise: people became so dependent on living in cities (domed cities) that they could not survive outside of the city for even a day. Human beings looked more like “grays” (UFO aliens) than present day humans.

      In some ways we are in danger of something similar. I have lived in a variety of places, and I recommend at least living in a small town or village (< 1000) for a year or more for one's own personal growth. (Probably a very good place to write a novel, although I have heard some people can find distractions no matter where they are.)

      Compare: (which is a "coming of age" film but also focuses on the decline of "small town America")

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      • Thanks for that. I did see the Last Picture Show I think about 40 years ago. I thought American Graffiti was the main coming of age show. I saw that too, but my preference was always Butch Cassidy… which is just a great film about the coming of age of two robbers. Oh well. Have a great day.


      • I mentioned Last Picture Show for its background theme of the Death of Small Town America, tangentially relevant to your mention of difficulty of seeing the lights in Singapore (most likely due to “light pollution”). Sometimes small towns can be quite fun, and they do offer some benefits absent in larger urban areas (such as clearer skies at night).

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      • Oh. Sorry to miss the point. Thanks for clarifying.


      • 🙂 I can be rather Saturnine at times. It is all just good fun, right? We should have some modicum of free will and be able to choose where we live and when. At least sort of. Right? (Or is that right?)

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      • Correct


      • Agreed


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