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Some insights into the Aries in your life or yourself, plus a prediction for the next 12 months in life, love and career.

Dates:                 21 March – 20 April
Ruling Planet:
Colour:                 Red
Element:             Fire
Keywords            “I am”

Aries people are all about action. They would much rather rush in and DO something than sit around and talk about ‘one day’. Quite fearless and sometimes quick to flare up with temper, they are also true friends who would happily fight any dragon for the people they care about.

Healthwise they can be prone to headaches and high blood pressure. Relaxation and meditation is excellent for calming them down, but martial arts and active sports will probably appeal to their competitive spirits more.

In relationships they are not afraid to say it how it is and have to…

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  1. My husband has Aries Ascendant, Moon in Aries and Sun in Leo – and I think his nickname ought to be Action Man!


    • Wow! He sounds like quite a guy! As long as you don’t have too much water in your chart, I bet you have fun!


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