Entering the Light, Spring Equinox 2016

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“…even the goddess Persephone is happy, if only for half each year.”                           – C.F. Joyce, Persephone in Hell

Spring Equinox is coming this weekend, March 19th/20th (in the Northern hemisphere), although signs of it have already appeared. The cataclysms and heaviness of a long winter season is beginning to fade. The bars and barriers of outer or inner confinements are dropping, and light is pouring through the cracks. The Sun in Pisces these past three weeks seems to have annihilated certain aspects of our egos, and certainly towards its last degrees we are being challenged to let go of many things that no longer serve us or reflect who we truly are as spiritual beings having physical experiences.

Chiron together with the South Node and Ceres has also been emphasizing the karmic burdens, hooks and hangups that are…

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