Part II: Integration this New Moon / Total Solar Eclipse

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Laurie Rae's House of Astrology

DSC01467 Beach Estates Park March 2012

The mutable water sign of Pisces represents the element of water as fog, mist or light rain. We expect rain overnight here in Calgary, AB Canada. If we wake up to fog too I’d say Neptune, ruler of Pisces and this New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse, will be in play all around us.

It is interesting to walk out in nature and ‘feel’ the elements of the Astrological signs. When the Moon resides in earth signs, how does it feel? Earthy? Energetically slower and denser than when it is in an air or fire sign? Check out the weather when the Moon is in fire signs – especially during the summer months – there can be a dry spell of no rain with a chance of fire somewhere in the forests (especially during drought periods). The Moon in air signs seems to bring with it wind…

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