Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Pisces: Healing and Nurturing our Inner Child

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Starseed Shaman Blog

“Let us liberate ourselves from any form of control. Let us focus at the inner drum, where the rhythm aligns with that of our heart. The measure of responsibility, equals to the need for evolution. Just listen, the inner child, let it whisper in your ear.”
Grigoris Deoudis

Solar Eclipses can be difficult to handle for Empaths. There is a lot of release of negative energy by the collective, which we can sense. The usual energy is interrupted by the Eclipse, and we can absorb this negative energy if we are not aware, mindful and actively avoiding this. If you are feeling emotionally low, this time leading up to the eclipse should be spent in nature, by yourself, tuning into your higher self and inner guidance.

New Moons in Pisces are usually considered a “low tide”, an ebbing of the emotional body, and we may be feeling a bit…

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