In the Stars for March

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In the Stars for March

The Sun has been transiting through the imaginative mystic water sign Pisces. This sign signals the end of the winter cycle and mid-March brings the Vernal Equinox when the Sun enters the fire sign Aries.

The Pisces Sun sign is the most fluid sign of the zodiac as it ends the cycle. The symbol of the two fish swimming in opposing directions while fastened together by the silver cord of life symbolize the dual aspects and confusion attributed to Pisces. Pisces natives are: romantic, imaginative, sensitive, psychic, introverted, giving them strong deep emotional inner life that they must sort through to feel love and compassion as faith verses worries and fears which can dominate their consciousness. Because Neptune and Jupiter rules Pisces these folks can be very kind, sympathetic, receptive, intuitive and humble and conversely dualistic, vague, indecisive, secretive, careless and often are not very…

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