Mutable Muddle

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Mutable signs are adaptable, changeable, bridging from one situation to the next.  Resourceful, flexible, and anxious to please.. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Currently, we have an abundance of planets in these areas.  Saturn slowly navigating through Sagittarius, Jupiter, grabbing one thing and another in Virgo, along with the North Node, and now the Pisces lineup:  Sun, Neptune, Chiron, South Node, Mercury, and soon the New Moon on March 8th, which also happens to be a solar eclipse.  So, special attention is paid to this new moon.  Jupiter is opposite the Sun/Moon pair up, and takes us back to the eclipse of September, 2015.  What happened then for you?  All of this means, adapt, change, move forward, trust your gut, lighten your load, take advantage of offers, and don’t torture yourself over the details and how long everything seems to be taking.  Keep the big vision…

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