Under the Microscope: Full Moon in Virgo 2016

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Temple of the Cosmic Spheres


Full Moon in Virgo
February 22.2016
1:20p.m. (EST)

Jupiter Remains Retrograde in Virgo

The Moon waxes Full today at 1:20 p.m. in the astrological sign of Virgo. The Sun just recently transited into its Solar Month of Pisces and in keeping with the Full Moon dance of Moon and Sun in opposition, the tension generated is one of staying true to the imposed tight budget that Mother Moon has put into place despite Father Sun wanting to splurge on those in need. This energy is one of contraction (Virgo) and expansion (Pisces). This also means that with the Moon at the peak of her power and light of expression, every little penny will be accounted for and the necessary adjustments made to get the budget back on track.

Now, the additional support that this Virgo Moon has is that of Jupiter stationed Retrograde in the same sign- Virgo. Jupiter’s natural…

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