Daily Aspects – Feb 21 – Desire Begins Change

February 20, 2016 at 10:15 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Daily Aspects – Feb 21 – Desire Begins Change

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Sunday is a more electrifying kind of day than Saturday was.

At 6:40am Venus at 5:20 Aquarius Ses-Squares Jupiter Retrograde at 20:20 Virgo.

Venus is bringing us some new unexpected desires as she Transits Aquarius OR some unexpected philanthropic support. OR some beauty and luxury items on the social network (this one makes me laugh because I have been seeing all of these types of ‘floats’ for the water on FB lately). OR some available resources of philanthropy for an Astrologer? Let’s see what Venus in Uranus’ Sign can cook up.

Jupiter in Virgo has been helping us to develop a new philosophy around work, service and health. In an ‘ease after an adjustment’ type of aspect, the 2 Healing Planets have a great capacity for getting us out of a rut around the things that we desire.

Do we want to work (Virgo) so hard (Jupiter) for our resources…

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