New Moon “Setting Intentions”

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“New Moon” Setting Intentions 
Posted by Ruby

The actual day of the New Moon, the balsamic, or dark Moon period marks the beginning point when the heavens shift from dark to light, and the Moon and Sun join in a harmonious aspect in the Cosmos. The days that follow are filled with a magical energy that awakens our inner-self. During the New Moon cycle you should be asking the Universe for new beginnings by planting some seeds of intention and getting in touch with your higher-self. It’s a good time to be grateful for what you already have and to work on manifesting what energy you’d like to bring into your life next.

This is an opportune time to ask the Universe for new beginnings. The intentions that are set during a “New Moon” will set you on the right path towards your deepest desires. Have a conversation with the Universe (meaning your higher-power, God…

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