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Journey to the Center of the Mind


In Chinese astrology, this is the year of the Monkey…but not just any monkey…it’s the Fire Monkey.

The general description of people born in this year is that they are fun, but hate confinement. They need their freedom and lots of elbow-room. They also have a remarkable ability to adapt to situations in a flash.

They hunger for what is novel and outrageous while also loving a mental challenge. They are well-known for their problem-solving abilities.

Being a Fire Monkey means you like being dominant in all things you do. They are ambitious and not afraid to look for a means to achieve their goals.

A fertile mind and imagination coupled with a capacity for hard work brings success to those born under this sign. They have to be careful though not to exhaust themselves before they reach their goals.

This same enthusiasm spills over into “having a good time”…

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