Hard Rectangle of 2016-01-29

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Hard Rectangle of 2016-01-29

We had one of these earlier on January 17th during the recent Mercury Retrograde period.  This is one of a number of similar patterns in 2016.  While these tend to be uncommon, 2016 seems to have a surplus of them.  The aspect is one that either brings “things” to a halt or provides the energy to accomplish much.  Tempers and flare and disagreements can occur.  Furthermore, this occurs both near the end of a month long Thor’s Hammer and a few days after the Mercury Direct Station.  Tempers can flare, and violence can erupt.  Focus your attention appropriately, and this can be a day where you can accomplish much.  The waning moon favors buyers over sellers as well as cleaning out and discarding the unnecessary.

2016-01-29 Hard Rectangle

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This particular Hard Rectangle tends to address issues of relationships, justice, innovation, and helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  Among photographers, we expect some amazing “street photography” to occur during this window.  Other creatives can benefit as well as long as they focus themselves well enough to accomplish something.

January 26th 2016

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January 26th 2016

Tuesday is a very lunar day, and Moon is in Virgo.  Given this is the day after Mercury Direct Station, the Virgo emphasis on details and double checking details is appropriate.  Go slow, and do not be surprised if you receive some kind of surprise today.

Two septiles dominate the day, aside from lunar aspects, and we feel a taste of karma or at least encounter a situation where we can help someone less fortunate than ourselves.  Do it anonymously and expect nothing in return.  Moon opposite Neptune confirms this.  (If you do it with “strings attached,” then chances are good that you will be scammed.  Do not go down that road.)  For some people, this could be a good day for developing poetry, lyrics, photography, or video.  Most most of the rest of us, this is a work day and we can gain much by paying attention to details and accomplishing what needs to be done.

2016-01-26 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016-01-26 Calendar of Aspects

2016-01-26 Daily Calendar

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Peaceful Easy Feeling

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litebeing chronicles


Post full Leo moon and pre Mercury stationing direct, wild times we find ourselves in! We accumulated close to 2 feet of snow in the Philadelphia region and I am glad I can wait awhile to dig out my car. It frees me up to make the most of this powerful energy. Mercury stations at 14° 55″ Capricorn at 4:50 PM EDT, which is very close to my natal Saturn. I have a sense of destiny coming alive in my life, still gaining momentum and preparing to take form.

I continue to cherish the contributions of those no longer with us. This seems to complement all the activity in my natal 12th house. Today I want to honor Glenn Frey, cofounder of the Eagles. The Eagles have been around for decades with such memorable hits such as Hotel California, Take it Easy, The Long Run, Lying Eyes, and Desperado. I…

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Today’s transits – January 25, 2016 – Monday

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minute astrologer


Mercury starts direct today about 3pm @ 14 Capricorn (tropical zodiac).
Time to fix mistakes that your rigid opinion caused.

All positions at noon, Mountain Time, USA

Moon                   Leo @ 25 deg.
Sun                       Aquarius @ 05 deg.

(Rocky Midgets)
Mercury             Capricorn @14 deg. (STATION AND DIRECT today)
Venus                 Capricorn @ 02 deg.
Mars                    Scorpio @ 11 deg.

(Gas Giants)
Jupiter               Virgo @ 22 deg. (Retrograde until May 9th)
Saturn                 Sagittarius @ 13 deg.
Uranus                Aries @ 16 deg.
Neptune          …

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A little humor… ? & Shadows

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Fiesta Estrellas

FullSizeRender (6)

Ye with noble goals!

Today is not January 19th! It is a Monday, and it is January 25th 2016! Yes, it’s Mercury’s stationing direct period. When do you feel the effects? You tell me! 3 days +/- Which means: ________ ? Symbols and non-sequiturs.

On the lighter side – as we rock forward onto Mercury’s funny shadow. I saw K9 from (the OLD DR. WHO)’s image on my wall next to my night table last night. This oughta be a fun and wacky Mercury retracing its steps forward-style. After all, why not?! Get your tech on! I’m awaiting the arrival of my lens mount so I can hook up my old lenses onto my new camera.


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Heliocentric Vs. Geocentric

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Astrology Software 2020

The difference between the Heliocentric and the Geocentric (Topocentric) models of the Solar System

ISE Synoptical Astrology Software

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The Sky Above January 25 2016

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Weekly Review…

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Journey by the sea

25th to 31st January 2016

Last week of January… This year is flying by before my eyes.

Wow lots of energy swirling around this week, Mercury is coming out of retrograde, and this week and for the rest of the month we will see in our skies Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. These planets are visible with the naked eye here on earth and will appear in a line on the horizon to the moon. This week’s energy sees a battle between our minds and our hearts “ Logic Vs Emotions. Mercury is coming out of retrograde this week, which see’s communication slowly return to back to normal. As this planet slowly starts spinning in the right direction so should your communication. In addition watch how you communicate this week, don’t be aggressive or assertive and try a softer, more sensitive approach. The start of the week sees new…

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Mercury stationary aligns with the Uranus – Pluto square

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332856_10151075985540096_720170095_22621758_301557588_oWith Mercury finishing its retrograde phase today, the winged messenger spends the 25th at a standstill before going direct or moving forward again in the zodiac. This stationary direct position for the day is considered potentially favourable for all who wish to harness the moment to their advantage. It’s a curious coincidence that Mercury makes this momentary pause within one degree of an exact conjunction with Pluto, which is still within orb of its own long-standing square to Uranus. As we speak, large swathes of the USA have come to their own type of standstill too, as formidable snow storms lock down the mobility of millions in a multi-state state of emergency, if that makes sense. And with the States in a state, and everyone going nowhere, the global economy is also at a type of standstill, in some countries more so than others. Emerging economies like Brazil, Russia and…

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