A Night of Inspiration, The Full Leo Moon

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Void of Course

lion1-1123Right now, I sit cooped up in my house as the snow rages on outside. It’s quite cozy and I would say being stuck inside is forcing me to write, but I think I have the moon to thank for that…and perhaps a guardian angel. Although she isn’t visible at the moment, the first full moon of the year still has a strong influence and, being in Leo, it’s a creative, emotional, winter wonderland tonight…

This week happened to be a rough, if not tragic, time. A very special soul I knew passed away on Tuesday. It was so sudden and tragic, I am still having difficulty accepting it. He touched so many people dearly and I always knew that, but it didn’t really hit me until I saw all the shared memories, photos, and videos. Scrolling through these and seeing all of the many different people he touched brought…

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