I Think You’re Amazing : Leo Full Moon 

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The Full Moon comes around every month, sometimes squeezing in twice. Like a big spot light in inky blackness it draws out emotions and instinctive feelings like silver fish to the surface of the ocean.

We all respond with a strong urge to meet it’s lunar light and flow in the area of the zodiac sign it highlights.
In Leo, the spotlight is what we’re here for. This is not a time to hold back, this is your moment, take it. Step up and express yourself creatively, dramatically and passionately like no one and everyone are watching.
What creative seedlings have you been gestating or nurturing over the last six months since New Moon in Leo? What ever comes to mind is ready to be put on show. Take it to the next level and get it out there. Write, publish, paint, dance, sing, exhibit…Tell Mr DeMille that Yes, you’re…

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