Full Moon in Leo 23/24 Jan ’16

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Holistic Transformation

Well folks, full moon time again! Oh my goodness have you found some fascinating lessons this week with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn giving some times to be deeply honest? Well we’ll now add the proud Leo Full Moon into the equation…

Straight to the chart then… Jan 24 01:45 (UK time)|  Jan 23 20:45 (EST).full-moon-Leo- Jan 2016Leo and Aquarius- ‘I’ vs ‘We’
Now with The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo (both 3 degrees) we have a interesting polarity being brought up here. Aquarius is ruled by  Saturn and Uranus, which is governing reason, logic and liberation and transformation.  Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a proud self expressive, loving sign, sometimes with a brash exterior.

The Leo Moon is proud, loving and emotional and all about Leo. Leo is the self, Leo is all heart but also about the ‘I’s’ -“I love you”,”I gave you my heart”,”…

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