Full Moon 2016-01-23 Mercury Retrograde + Thor’s Hammer

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Full Moon 2016-01-23 Mercury Retrograde + Thor’s Hammer

This Leo Moon / Aquarius Sun Full moon occurs with Mercury Retrograde (in Capricorn) two days before the Direct Station.  You will likely feel that, as mislaid items and forgotten issues assert themselves again in some fashion.  A month long Thor’s Hammer is still in effect for slightly more than another week.  Needless to say, it colors this FM with an emphasis on issues of justice (Astraea) at the apex.

This is the first full moon of 2016.

Here is the full moon chart, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer pattern:

2016-01-23 Full Moon + Mercury Retrograde + Thor's Hammer

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This FM perfects on Saturday night in much of the Western Hemisphere and early morning hours in UK/EU.  Expect a wild weekend, and be careful.  As we always say, as long as you avoid dangerous people, places, and things, you can “get things done” with this.  But, with Mercury Retrograde, the smartest use might be preparation to move things forward next week after Monday’s Direct Station.

Other Interpretations of this FM:



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