Friday, January 22nd 2016

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Friday, January 22nd 2016

Friday is complex.  Mercury conjoins Pluto (another revisiting similar to Wednesday, the retrograde Mercury repeating the December aspect).  Not only does that resurrect important issues that presented themselves just before Christmas in 2015, but we revisit it AGAIN in a few days on January 29th.  Chances are good that the issues involve, on one hand, communications or transportation (and revisiting some things left undone) and, on the other hand, finances, taxes, “other people’s money,” police, intelligence agencies, drugs, poisons, or locations underground (such as caves and sewers).  You can bet that the issues in Flint, Michigan are not yet resovled and will WORSEN.

By itself, the Mercury/Pluto aspect would be enough to keep you very busy (if not make you very angry), but then the Moon (with the Grand Water Trine from yesterday starting to dissolve) opposes both Mercury and Pluto followed by a square to Uranus creating a T-Square.  You will feel at least an urge, if not a panic, to “get things done.”

Keep in mind the month long Thor’s Hammer is still in play, so mind your temper and watch for dangerous people, places, and things.

Tomorrow we have the Aquarian Full Moon of 2016 (Moon in Leo and Sun in Aquarius).  Leo and Aquarius will feel this.  So will Aries and Sagittarius (trine to Leo) and Gemini and Libra (trine to Aquarius).  (For these signs, this FM should be mostly benevolent.)  And Taurus and Scorpio (square to both Leo and Aquarius) will also feel it.  (For Taurus and Scorpio, a call to action and possible anger or rash responses.)



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