State of the Moon: Full Moon in Aquarius

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Northern Lights Witch

State of the Witch is a semi-regular, bimonthly check in with the universe. 

This is my first post that focuses on the moon, on astrology, on how what’s happening in the heavens impacts us on earth. I am still very much learning about astrology, but I process information through writing. I will also include links to blog posts by other people studying astrology, because this place isn’t a vacuum and I want to be very much in conversation with others.

I don’t know much about astrology yet. In fact, as someone who very much believes in and is fascinated by science, it took me a long time to show interest in this area of pagan spirituality. Over the last several years some very intense stuff has been going on with the moon. There was a blood moon tetrad, and a complete eclipse, and a whole lot of super moons. Things…

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