Mars trine Neptune

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Mars trine Neptune indicates an intensive and mostly successful aim to penetrate into invisible worlds (Neptune) tenaciously, with strong willpower and in a conscious manner (Mars). Thus the martial energy can be directed toward metaphysical studies, the practice of occultism and mysticism, psychic subjects, arts and exotic travels (which are often, at the same time, ’inner’ travels too) discovering hidden characteristics. Famous people with natal Mars trine Neptune: Alexandra David-Neel (she has visited Tibet in 1924 when it was forbidden to foreigners and wrote over 30 books about Eastern religions, philosophy, and her travels); Jack Kerouac (underground poet having serious problems with alcohol and drugs, progenitor of the hippie movement); Charles Lindbergh (American aviator, author, inventor, military officer, explorer, and social activist); Michelangelo (Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance); William the Conqueror (first Norman King of England, reigning from 1066 until 1087); Contemporary celebrities with…

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Acting Vs. Writing – 1/15

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Crashing Hard Drives + Re-Shooting Scenes = Mercury Retrograde.

The Sky Above January 16 2016

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Saturday, January 16th 2016

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Saturday, January 16th 2016

Saturday is another day dominated by lunar aspects.  These kinds of days are typically about “getting things done” in someway and are not usually a major turning point (unless a person’s chart or one or more charts in a family group are heavily aspected by transiting planets).  Moon turns void at 5:27 PM CST (6:27 EST / 3:27 PST) and remains void for the remainder of the evening (until 11:47 PM CST).  Chalk this up as mostly a “play day” unless you must urgently get something done.  (What could possibly be urgent today?  Maybe issues involving health or education.  (Mars / Chiron in a subtle, almost unnoticeable, aspect) )

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