January Full Moon in Leo 2016

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The Full Moon at 3 degrees of Leo on January 23rd occurs as the New Year really gets cracking. In the Human Design system of astrology, what is called the Rave New Year always begins on January 22nd, rather than on the 1st. There is good reason for this. The Gregorian calendar that we tend to use is not truly in harmony with the earth’s rhythms, which is perhaps one reason why we tend to struggle so much with seasonal changes that signal what we “ought” to be doing, feeling and experiencing as a collective and individuals. In several cultures around the world the New Year actually begins late January or February. A few of these and especially ancient cultures were more in tune with the earth’s cycles than many of us are today.

The Full Moon in Leo forms a grand fire trine with Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, sparking…

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