Wednesday January 13th 2016

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Wednesday January 13th 2016

Wednesday is complex.  The good news is that the Sun trines Jupiter, an annual aspect that almost always confers benefit (unless you “overdo” it).  (Traditionally, Jupiter is a “malefic” (bad) though many modern astrologers (including myself) count it as a “benefic” (good).  Why the dispute?  It is an AMPLIFIER.  Jupiter makes “things” “big,” such as Powerball winnings.  It makes the bad worse and the good better.  Like big Powerball winnings, the result you get depends on where you point it and how you use it.)  However, we do note that the best use of this particular aspect on this date is “getting things done.”

The bad news is the Venus Squares Chiron.  Issues involving either (a) finances + education or (b) the physical body and the pain of recovery will rise to the surface.  (As always with Chiron, health, or education, or both, will likely become the focus of the day.)

A potpourri of lunar aspects color the day, squares and trines alike, but most of the day in the western hemisphere (and the later part of the day into the early morning hours of Thursday in UK / EU) is colored by a bracketing of the window by Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune at the beginning 7:17 AM CST and near the end by Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron 12:22 AM CST on Thursday.  BOTH of these emphasize the “healthcare” aspect of the day, and the first throws into the mix a need to help those less fortunate than ourselves along with a risk from scammers.  (Best to donate anonymously to well known causes that you thoroughly understand.  Please do not throw money to criminals.)  For some people, particularly students about to begin a new semester, this day is a turning point.

And just in case you might somehow miss the “message” of the previous paragraph, Sun also Semisquares Neptune, producing a significant sense of urgency to address these issues immediately, whatever they may be.

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