2016-01-13 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016-01-13 Calendar of Aspects

2016-01-13 Daily Calendar

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Sun Trine Jupiter 2016-01-12

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Sun Trine Jupiter 2016-01-12

We should talk.  Sun Trine Jupiter is typically considered a benevolent aspect.  (We note that modern astrologers typically see Jupiter as a benefic whereas traditionalists tend to consider it a malefic.  In any case, opinions vary.  We consider it a benefic, meaning that it confers benefit.  In reality, it is an “amplifier” that brings more of whatever it is pointed towards.)

That said, a few considerations are worth noting.  First, Mercury is retrograde.  This is not necessarily “bad,” but it does require an attention to detail.  It is most useful for resurrect projects previously on hold, or double checking details, proofreading, or editing.

Next, Jupiter is, itself, retrograde.  While Mercury Retrograde is well understood (we experience it several times a year), this is not as true with Jupiter Retrograde.  It occurs less frequently and lasts longer.  It is more subtle.  But, as so many others do, we will give you the standard textbook treatment of the topic: Jupiter Retrograde involves problems or revisiting issues involving the legal system, higher education, or “long distance travel.”  (What is “long distance travel”?  If you rarely range more than 10 to 15 miles from home, then “long distance travel” might involve a trip to a nearby city or area a few hundred miles away.  If you are a long distance trucker who ranges much of the continent, then it may involve an overseas trip.)  In general, interpreting outer planet retrogrades is tricky because of the longer durations of the retrogrades.  They tend to govern generations more than individuals.

Additionally, Jupiter is in Virgo.  Per the traditionalists, this means it is in “detriment.”  We agree that, in some cases, this is worth noting.  We think it is worth noting here.

We might add that Capricorn is not a particularly strong placement for the Sun.

So, we advise caution with this particular Sun Trine Jupiter aspect.  This tends to be a “nose to the grindstone” aspect.  The Sun is ordinarily bright and, well, sunny.  Jupiter can be downright gleeful.  (OK, we know Stalin was a Sagittarius.  But he was the exception that tended to prove the rule.  Think Frank Sinatra instead.  He tended to be a bit more upbeat most of the time.  “My Way” is a very Jupiter song.)  In these placements, this is all about work and getting things done.  Do your homework and stick to business most of the day (you can play some, also, but get the important things done).

We also note that what you do, or do not, get done will come back in some form of “karma” on or about January 27th, after Mercury is direct and when Sun Sesquiquadrates Jupiter.  Your decisions, and actions, matter today.

Here is the chart for perfection of Sun Trine Jupiter, filtered for the ongoing, month-long Thor’s Hammer:

2016-01-12 Sun Trine Jupiter (Thor's Hammer)

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Wednesday January 13th 2016

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Wednesday January 13th 2016

Wednesday is complex.  The good news is that the Sun trines Jupiter, an annual aspect that almost always confers benefit (unless you “overdo” it).  (Traditionally, Jupiter is a “malefic” (bad) though many modern astrologers (including myself) count it as a “benefic” (good).  Why the dispute?  It is an AMPLIFIER.  Jupiter makes “things” “big,” such as Powerball winnings.  It makes the bad worse and the good better.  Like big Powerball winnings, the result you get depends on where you point it and how you use it.)  However, we do note that the best use of this particular aspect on this date is “getting things done.”

The bad news is the Venus Squares Chiron.  Issues involving either (a) finances + education or (b) the physical body and the pain of recovery will rise to the surface.  (As always with Chiron, health, or education, or both, will likely become the focus of the day.)

A potpourri of lunar aspects color the day, squares and trines alike, but most of the day in the western hemisphere (and the later part of the day into the early morning hours of Thursday in UK / EU) is colored by a bracketing of the window by Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune at the beginning 7:17 AM CST and near the end by Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron 12:22 AM CST on Thursday.  BOTH of these emphasize the “healthcare” aspect of the day, and the first throws into the mix a need to help those less fortunate than ourselves along with a risk from scammers.  (Best to donate anonymously to well known causes that you thoroughly understand.  Please do not throw money to criminals.)  For some people, particularly students about to begin a new semester, this day is a turning point.

And just in case you might somehow miss the “message” of the previous paragraph, Sun also Semisquares Neptune, producing a significant sense of urgency to address these issues immediately, whatever they may be.

Some Jupiter contacts along with a 10 hour Void Moon

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Venus trine Uranus to meet the man of the moment

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alchemy mandala blueHey the good news is that Venus is slowly moving out of the sombre shadow of Saturn and into a harmonious trine or 120 degree angle to Uranus. That should fire up our social life once again for a day or two. It gives the inclination to enjoy life, as opposed to feeling it to be a burden thrust upon us by some cruel twist of fate. Happiness is there for the making and it is yours for the taking. Uranus of course may make our pursuit incline a little toward the new and original side. It can facilitate new encounters with interesting people. Uranus adds that inventive, original, progressive, avant garde aspect to our inclinations today. Some might even see the odd stranger in multi-coloured pantaloons that you bring home for tea as quite eccentric, but he may be the computer programmer from down the road who might just…

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Reader Troubles

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I am having reader problems, also. (Jan 12th)

Poesy plus Polemics

My WordPress is on the fritz. I’m at a loss to understand it or do something about it. The Reader won’t let me read or comment or like anything. Can’t get into the sites I follow or into your posts. Can’t create new posts of my own with their new post writer format (this was written with the old tool). If you don’t hear from me, it’s not because I’m ignoring you.

– Paul

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David Bowie

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Venus trine Uranus

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Astrology Software 2021

venus trine uranus

Venus trine Uranus indicates a person mentally agile and spirited, of quick intuitive perception and exceedingly magnetic, especially to the opposite sex. This aspect gives love of art, music and poetry, penchant for seeking uncommon, extraordinary and exceptional experiences; it is a favorable indication of suddenly consummated partnerships based on idealistic principles. In case of love, it can represent something similar like medieval courtly love called ’amor de lonh’ (’love from afar’) i.e. subtle desires often with ’platonic’ nature. (Now Venus conjunct Saturn, to some extent, can restrain these indications.)


ISE Astrology Software

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday, Venus Trines Uranus shortly after the Moon moves into Pisces ending a somewhat long void for the day.  This strengthens the possibility of what others consider to be an “unusual” relationship, including the “age gap” relationships we have been discussing since last Friday.  It is a good day for creativity, particularly innovation in electronics and computers.  The Moon v/c coupled with Mercury Retrograde may indicate the need for re-do’s and later “tuning,” but much progress can still be made today (if one allows for possible corrections later).

2016-01-12 Calendar of Aspects

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Mystic Rectangles

2016-01-12 Calendar of Aspects

2016-01-12 Daily Calendar

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Don’t Miss These 12 Must-See Skywatching Events of 2016

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The Sky Above January 12 2016

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Waxing Crescent Moon Going On Now

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Grand Temple of Horus Behdety

With the waxing crescent Moon in Aquarius and agent of attraction, Venus in trine aspect to change agent, Uranus, our senses are ignited with the promise of new things, the excitement of new people as the future seems somewhat brighter.

With Mercury retrograde, we are reminded to adjust our commitments to a brightening future.

Don’ t get bogged down being beige. The future is calling.


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