January 10th, 2016

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January 10th, 2016

Sunday is dominated by lunar aspects.  The moon is void of course in Capricorn starting 11:40 AM CST in North America, and moves into Aquarius 2:23 PM CST.  We feel the shift, and this is an (another) alert that we need to focus on, and complete, Capricorn tasks soon.  Aquarius brings us glimpses of the future, and you will likely see one today or Monday.  And, if you did enter into an “age gap” relationship over the weekend, Sunday afternoon and Monday will bring you a glimpse into whether or not this relationship can persist.

Friday’s energy (Venus conjunct Saturn) regarding the possibility of initiating an  “age gap relationship” (for some people) continues (at least through Tuesday).  If you are in a situation where that may be possible, you may want to read this Wikipedia entry (among other things, arguing that this is far more common than most people realize) and this one as well.

Supreme Strategy & Planning : New Moon in Capricorn Pt. II

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So it’s new Moon in Capricorn. I’m taking my own advice from the last post and initiating some changes as of now.
For your pleasure and personal transformation Astro All Starz will be posting each New Moon and Full Moon rather then every time the Moon transits a zodiac sign.
Astro up date vlogs will also continue for the major, most profound transformational planet changes. Join me at Astro All Starz on You tube for those.
All other major planet sign changes, retrogrades or aspects of note will be posted as well.
This strategy delivers you the most bang and gives me more time to develop a system to transform your life. (Thereby utilising the current Mercury retro in Cap..see 3rd last post)

I’d love to know how you have utilised this transit..any epiphanies on structuring your business, strategic planning etc? Nows the time.

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New Moon in Capricorn

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elizabeth rose psychic and tarot

"Lucid Dream" by Osman Taner Küçükgenç “Lucid Dream” by Osman Taner Küçükgenç

Whatever you start this weekend will have a solid foundation. It will be a solid decision that will be difficult to reverse, so choose carefully. There’s nothing as sturdy, stable and nimble as Capricorn! Today we have the Sun and Moon joining up with Pluto in Capricorn, and about to cross paths with Retrograde Mercury.

We’re looking at the foundations of our lives to see if they can be relied on. If they can’t, we need to restructure things until we’re living in a dependable situation. It’s as simple as that. This is the first step towards creating the life we want in 2016.

Between now and February 2nd (Candlemas), we are in a phase of research and planning, and it starts today. Wherever the Sun, Moon, Pluto conjunction falls in your chart is the area that’s up for rebuilding. Remember Capricorn is about mastery…

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New Moon In Capricorn

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New Moon in Purva Ashadha

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Astrology Software 2021

astrology software 2016

This New Moon will be in detriment within the tropical frame of reference (Sayana) and, at the same time, it will reside in sidereal Sagittarius (Nirayana/Jyotish: Dhanus). Then Chandra will ride his chariot just across the 4th pada of Purva Ashadha by the nakshatra system.                                                                                                                                                         Purva Ashadha means ’the early victory’, ’the undefeated’, ’the unsubdued’. Its primary deity is Apas, the ’Cosmic Waters’; this connotes the concept of victory and has in it the idea of spreading like the (Guna) of Water. By traditional interpretations, the Moon in Purva Ashadha indicates a person who is proud, independent, and seems invincible, with strong influence and power over others. He/She is ambitious and fearless, with deep emotions and philosophical inclination, but simultaneously confrontational, angry and harshly spoken.                                                                                                                                                        Career interests: Writers, teachers, debaters…

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The Sky Above January 9 2016

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20160109 – Arts : Escort Cards – Comment draguer en 1850 ? | Ufunk.net

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Pimpf : Drifting somewhere...

Très longtemps avant Tinder, Meetic et autres sites de rencontre, les jeunes américains du 19ème siècle avaient recours aux Escort Cards, ou Acquaintance Cards, des petites cartes de rencontre

Source : Escort Cards – Comment draguer en 1850 ? | Ufunk.net

Le reste des images et de détails sur l’article à lire sur le site de Ufunk.net en lien ci dessus en début d’article
Other pictures and some more details about this are on the “Ufunk.net” website in the link at the beginning of this article

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Saturday, January 9th 2016

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Saturday, January 9th 2016

Saturday is a day of subtle aspects (Noviles) and a New Moon, just two days past Sun Square Uranus and Jupiter Retrograde Station.  Noviles can bring acquisition of special skills and the Uranus square can brings insights, but this is a Capricorn New Moon during Mercury Retrograde.  Keep those new ideas practical if you plan to implement them, write down the weirder ones for later review, and know that any new projects you start may need tuning or review later this month or in February.  While technically this is the “weekend,” in many ways it feels a bit like a workday.  Take advantage of that but proceed carefully and methodically.

Venus conjunct Saturn is in play, currently, and we think that is (at least) as important as the New Moon (for some people).  While that aspect can be interpreted a number of ways, we will focus on ONE of them for the next few days (ignoring, for example, the impact we would expect it to have on financial markets).

Sometimes Venus / Saturn signifies a “May-December romance” of the variety of Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall had.  Others would say that such a comparison is unfair.  Still others would ask, “what was wrong with that?”

If that kind of arrangement interests you, today is the day to make progress in that area.  And, if you meet someone “interesting” who is from a different generation from you, and you would be interested in “getting to know them better,” then know that today that is possible.  (Make your move now or forget about it!)  Just know that, if you enter a relationship of this kind, you MUST have follow-through on Saturday and Sunday and next week.  Failing to “call,” send flowers, and so forth, at this time, will mean that your efforts will be lost and the window will close.

January 9th, 2016 Astrology & Energy: New Moon in Capricorn

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Mexicali Blues Blog


It’s a New Moon in Capricorn!  If you haven’t already done so, now is an excellent time to focus on your intentions for the year, or revisit the ones you’ve recently made to see if they need to be refined.  This is a still point where we may feel frustrated that things are not moving forward as we like, but what is important right now is getting really clear on what you want and what you *intend* to manifest. Mercury and Jupiter are both in retrograde right now, bringing energy that could feel like a block, but really is helpful in supporting revisiting, reevaluating, developing, and focusing, rather than aiming to take big forward action right now.  The time will come, but it isn’t today!  Have patience, and really dedicate yourself to developing your most heart-centered, soul-driven positive intentions. What big dreams do you most want to see realized? You…

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* CAPRICORN New Moon with PLUTO (Jan 9): Simple Soul Power.

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Melanie's Astro~News

DSC01397 Winter Sun ‘On the Rocks’, Photo by Melanie Dec 31, 2015

Seems like TIME has a ‘life of its own’ – Christmas with the Full Moon was ‘only’ 2 weeks ago – seems like ages – for you too?

Somehow, a sigh of relief, to step into ‘the ordinary’ and into more simplicity again – or to realize right off the bat when CAP sets in what the celebration is all about.

The sacred time of year that marks the Return of the Light and how / what that reflects in us.

The CAP SUN is now in our Northern Hemisphere from Earth perspective ‘climbing’ again in the ecliptic (slightly ‘higher’ every day), and the daylight is gradually increasing, daily a minute or so for now, in the cold of Winter, and eventually, from Feb on exponentially more.

Likewise, CAP energy is fueled by the spirit of gradual, grounded, consistent improvement, building and…

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Like a BOSS : New Moon in Capricorn

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On New Moons release the past, any habits, conditioning, thoughts, beliefs that aren’t authentic or no longer serve you.
Write them down, then burn them as you visualise and feel yourself let go with love and gratitude for how they have served you up until now.

Next plant the seeds of intention you want to sew, then water them with action.
Focus on areas that Capricorn rules, such as;


Reaching Goals










Eg, ‘I easily assume authority’

‘I assume responsibility for my own choices that lead to success’
Your natal chart reveals the area of your life this New Moon falls, (Eg career, relationships, money mastery etc) and where these intentions are best placed.

(Check it out now at astro.com)

Otherwise just go with a general approach or let your intuition be your guide as to which areas you…

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