Bringing Sexy Back : Mars in Scorpio

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Jan 4 – Aug 2nd 2016

The Planet Mars indicates how we get things done, the sign it’s in indicates the flavour, quality, style of that action and energy.
Scorpio Style is do or die, forward thrusting, and often in the shadows and byways, hidden from view. Occult energy can be utilised at this time, think spells, incantations, Magical arts. Put your emotional energy into it and you’ll find this can be a period of personal power in terms of ambition and manifestation.
Transformative action, is a key phrase, the shadow of course is a death wish, destruction and the Occassion stalking.

So be mindful, conscious of how you’re using your energy, and what it is you are working toward.
Mars is in each sign every 2 years. This trip through Scorpio is set to be intense as Mars will enter Sagittarius then retrograde back through Scorpio, finally leaving on…

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