Mercury Retrograde 2016: The Beginning

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retrograde_20160105_300Rewind, Rethink and Review

It’s January, and today begins the first Mercury Retrograde of 2016. While planets don’t actually go backwards when they retrograde, we sometimes experience them as if they’re working in direct opposition to their true nature. Planets have “personalities.” They act one way in forward motion and one way in backward motion, or retrograde. Where they retrograde (in what zodiac sign/house) signifies how they will affect your Sun Sign.

In addition to the usual caveats of Mercury Retrograde, such as avoiding big ticket purchases or signing documents, retrogrades also signal a time to rewind, review and rethink. It can also reacquaint you with some long-lost friends and even past relationships.

Mercury will not only retrograde this January, it will also be making some stellar angles (good and bad) to other planets. But you can make the most of this Mercury Retrograde by remaining positive and remembering that…

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