Let’s Goooooo! : Moon in Sagittarius

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While the Moon indicates the tides of our emotions and collective moods, the sign it travels through provides the flavour.

With the Moon in Sagittarius the emotional mood becomes more upbeat. It’s time to put on the disco music or get out the skate board…at least just rock yr active wear.
Feeling social? Get out and about, smile at strangers and get to know new friends. This Moon joins party girl Venus in Sag to socially lubricate.
Yoga or any sort of philosophical study would be stimulating during this moon phase, be warned, it could get a little fiery but don’t back down, it’s all about getting up on your soap box and telling your truth. Or selling your truth as sometimes the case may be ; )   Sag is the master of spin after all.  If you have something you need to get others on board with, this…

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